September 18th – The Lie that we all fall for

There was an old legend that after the Resurrection of Jesus, Satan called an emergency board meeting of devils. He challenged all the evil spirits to come up with a strategy now that the powers of hell had been broken. “What can we whisper into their minds now?” he asked.
“Let’s tell them, it’s all been a great lie”. Some agreed with this, but Satan said “No, they’re stupid, but not that stupid, even an idiot can see that the lives of millions are not changed for good by believing in lies.”
“Let’s tell them it’s all in their little minds”. “You mean like hallucinations or dreams or fantasies?” asked Satan. “Yes”, came the answer. Satan mused: “That idea has its attractions, but.., No! in the final analysis, even the most ignorant know the difference between what is fantasy and what is fact.”
“I know” said one bright young devil “Let’s tell them it’s all completely true – Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth: that he has conquered sin and harrowed hell, and that they can be born anew by trusting Jesus … but that there’s no hurry for anyone to act on it.”
“Now you’ve got something” said Satan, grinning satanically. “Tell them it’s true, but that there’s no hurry – imply that they have all the time in the world.” “Yes” said the young demon, “Tomorrow will do, or sometime later, any time but now.” Satan said “What’s your name young devil, you are due for promotion. You’ll go a long way down!”
That is always the surest word of the devil: “It’s true, it’s good. it’s right, but you’ve got plenty of time – do it later, there’s no hurry.” I wonder how many people there are on earth right now who in the deepest places of their hearts believe that they are not good enough, that they need to change, to turn to God and ask for a fresh start and a new spirit within them, but then believe that wicked whisper, ‘Later, I’ll do it later, there’s always tomorrow.”
Paul said: … I tell you, now is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation…..II Corinthians 6:2
If you know you have it to do – do it – don’t delay, for one thing you don’t know is just how long you’ve got left!
A Picture:
“I must use this new-fangled telegraph system” she said “to let him know I love him and I’m coming back from this holiday cruise to marry him. I’ll do it first thing in the morning” – and so saying she went to her cabin at 11.30 p.m. on April 15th 1912, in that unsinkable ship called the Titanic!
A Prayer:
Since I know not the day, nor the hour, when you will call me to appear before you, O Lord our God, deliver me from all procrastination so that I do what must be done while there is time.
Now read Luke 12:13-59.

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