November 6th – God-Incidents

I’ve referred to the church at Coral Ridge, Florida, several times through the year because after doing one of our seven-week tours of the United States, Bette and I booked to stop off there for five days, in order to attend a course on personal evangelism. This was the home of Evangelism Explosion, which the Pastor James Kennedy had developed, and by which had seen his church grow from fourteen people to several thousand. Our stay and training there was deeply impressive.
All of each day we considered evangelism. Each of the nights, Monday to Wednesday, we went out on pre-arranged visits to share our faith in the homes of interested, but not persuaded, families.On the Monday night a Lutheran Pastor and I were to be taken out on street evangelism among the shops of Fort Lauderdale by one of the church typists. She was young and shy, and a little too aware that she had two experienced ministers as her ‘assistants’. She handled us well. Told us what to do when she stopped someone to talk to them, and when to ‘drift in’ and listen, but not to speak unless spoken to. It’s a wonderful thing, keeping ministers quiet!
In the space of one and a half hours, standing on the sidewalk outside a large drug store, we saw her tackle two folks who turned out to be committed Christians, and members of Coral Ridge Church, who knew what she was doing and congratulated and encouraged her (and us). Then two girls drew up in a car, and after some conversation it turned out that they were out on the town looking for the kind of fun they daren’t tell their parents about. Our young typist sensitively led them to ponder what those who truly loved them would feel at their decision to cut loose and have a fling, the dangers of which they were now facing. They changed their minds and went off with a booklet and tearfully aware that a complete stranger in the street loved them enough to speak, to listen and to pray for them.
There were some who said “Not today, thank you”. Then a huge car drew up and a big Texan got out and was gently approached by the girl as he went into the drug store. She chatted, explained what she was doing, and asked for five minutes of his time. He listened: after five minutes she stopped. “That’s it”, she said “You have been kind enough to give me five minutes.I won’t delay you”. She’d been telling him about Jesus.He said, “No go on – this is more important than my little shopping items”.She shared the Gospel and tears came into his eyes. “Look” he said, “I gotta come clean. I’m a Baptist Minister, and I’ve come to the end of my rope. So this morning I left home, left my church, and drove South East, full of despair and bitterness. Apart from getting gas, this is my first stop, and God sent you to confront me with the Gospel.” Our eyes were now like saucers.He was helped. She sent him to Dr. Kennedy for counselling and practical help, and we resumed our street vigil.
I couldn’t help thinking, all the time, there are people like this now in the streets while we sit at home watching T.V., or go to a closed-shop church meeting, and let the needy go their ways.
In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season. II Timothy 4: 1-2
A prayer:
Thank you Lord that there is no closed season for your great good news. Help me to share it today.
Now read Acts Chapter 19.

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‘The Law is an ass,’ said Mr Bumble in Dickins Oliver Twist. But remember, when hauling packs up a mountain, you will thank God for asses.

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