May 18th – Too Deep for Words

Some experiences are too deep for words. In fact words can become an obstacle, a cage of the soul. See a mother feeding her new born child. The baby is too young to understand words,but vast deep communication is taking place. Love is flowing, not just milk, and filling the baby.The baby is fulfilling a hunger only a mother can feel. The mother fulfilling a hunger only a baby can feel. Sounds made by both of them are unintelligible – cooing and smiling and baby talking, but they are in deep communication. In fact, some of us believe that to deny this to a young babe is to cause a deep sense of insecurity which nothing in later life can alleviate. Babies two weeks old know that they are loved, or if they are not loved.Don’t ask how they know, they know, and if denied love, insecurity symptoms begin to develop.Bonding is deeper than words.

We have all seen an audience rapt in concentration and ecstasy as an orchestra plays inspired music. Sir Lawrence Olivier once said that he sits under such music weeping like a child, for he could make no other response to such beauty.I can see a group of the world’s greatest jazz musicians playing together,not for money, they are not even performing, they are simply lost in what they were expressing together, ‘Gone’ as they say.

There are a thousand other instances of this, and you could add your own experience, and all of them would be escapes from the cage of words.These most explosive words of Jesus which we often skip over as we read, are about things deeper than words. Jesus said:
“Out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks”. Luke 6:45

So the eternal law is simply that we communicate what we are full of.Ponder it today. We all communicate what our hearts are full of.Perhaps that’s all we ever communicate.

A Prayer:
Forgive, O Lord, the mindless chatter which we call conversation, the verbal diarrhoea we often call communication, and the senseless ramblings we often call entertainment; and in your mercy fill our hearts with the love and compassion of Christ whose words are life and glory.

Now read Ezekiel Chapter 1.

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