March 6th – God’s Frozen People ?

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Before a million services in churches, every Sunday, there are prayers – openly asking for miracles, for conversions, for healings, for deep conviction, for spiritual power to descend on the church. By the evening of the same day, when most of those services will have passed off uneventfully, people will comment on it, perhaps saying, it’s been a ‘nice day’ (forgive us), but there is little sense of loss at having missed the many splendoured thing: no grief over our nation’s massive unbelief. In fact, a miracle or two would really upset our routine! Some attend in order to seek God’s peace, hear His promises and then go into another week still clinging to burdens which God said they may cast wholly upon Him. Again, it’s as if we love the words but do not believe them. There will be some who pray ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us’, yet will expect to receive God’s full and free forgiveness, but remain unwilling to let drop the continuing grudge, to forget that nagging insult, to forgive as they have been forgiven. There will be hundreds of thousands of sermons preached, many by people who have prepared them in great soul searching, although some will be intended just to impress the congregation.
There will be young men and girls in church, not sitting together, all looking to the front, and when not quietly giggling, totally unaware that their hormones are on mind-override, and broadcasting ‘vibes’ a little more earthy than the hymns being sung.
There will be some who come to God in humble adoration, and in gratitude for all His mercies, who long to hear His word and to respond in glad obedience and lift up their souls and hearts to Him to become more like Jesus. It is they who are the worshippers.
May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. May the people praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you. Then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God, will bless us. God will bless us and all the ends of the earth will fear him. Psalm 67: 1-3, 6-7
A Prayer:
Lord make your people’s worship real, so that those who know that they are sinners become more saintly, and those who think they are saints realise that they are sinners.
Now read Psalm 67 as the hymn of God’s missionary people.

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