June 29th – When to Surrender

In the monthly magazine “Renewal” Jane Grayshon was writing about attending a service of profession in Burford Priory, and the effect it had on her as a friend she knew made his final vows of total surrender to become a monk. She was surprised to be refreshed by what she took part in, not grimly made to feel guilty. It was the emphasis of God’s sustaining power, his welcome, his love, which would uphold and sustain the monk.It wasn’t the grim dying to self and pleasure, but the open arms of a loving father, gathering up his child in his arms and assuring him. The climax , as the monk prostrated himself before God, had a deeper meaning for her, than any grim human self-denial thing. Then she explained further in the form of a picture.
Soon after, she was walking her dog, which was a puppy, best of the litter, healthy and dominant, a lead dog, able to control other dogs. The dog joyously careered all over the golf course, and then they rounded a corner and seven huge dogs stood together, eyes fixed on Jane’s dog. St. Bernard’s, Alsatians, twice her dog’s size, and their stance was very intimidating and threatening. Jane watched: her dog was outfaced and skidded to an abrupt halt, then after a brief pause rolled over on her back in front of them where she lay, legs akimbo, while seven large dogs sniffed her all over. Then let her get up and play with them, and off they exploded in joyful abandon together. What a lesson.
Change it to a human scenario and ask what would you have done? Stood in confrontation? Fought to the death, growled, run away, followed by enraged animals whose teeth were scissoring at your backside? Jane’s dog was much more sensible.
Jane meditated on prostrating ourselves before God, out-faced, “This is me, as I am, totally surrendered”. The prayer she found so moving at the monk’s service of profession was this:

“Reconcile him to all that he rejects in himself and in others, that he may find nothing you have made alien or unlovable.

Lord, I do surrender to you. Help me to surrender to others who need you.

Now read II Corinthians Chapter 1.

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Dont ask God for a lighter load. Ask for a stronger back to bear it. (Brother Yun)

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