January 21st – Going Hungry

In a million homes today this little drama will be enacted:
“Eat your dinner” “I don’t want it”
“The children in India would be glad of what you are leaving”. “Well they can have mine”
To the well-fed, hunger is always someone else’s problem. And now today remember there is no shortage of food on this planet earth. There is enough to spare for all people, for animals and for industrial processing. “But people are starving!”, you say, “in some parts of the world”.
Indeed that’s lamentably true. But it is not a shortage of food, just a shortage of sharing.There is enough and to spare. But distributing it is a problem which involves all the sciences, all research, commerce, agriculture, transportation over land and sea, and by air …..and the excusing words “market forces” are slapped over the problems in exactly the same way that the little lad says “They can have what I don’t want”.
The problem is not economic, financial nor political – it’s much simpler. It’s a moral problem – Greed. Those who have, want more – those who haven’t demand a fair share, and are silenced by forces they feel they cannot change. So it goes on. The problem is spiritual. Food for me is a physical need. Food for my brother is a spiritual matter. What to do?
When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming towards him, he said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” He asked this only to test him, for he already had in mind what he was going to do. Philip answered him, “Eight months’ wages would not buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!”. Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up, “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” Jesus said, “Make the people sit down”. There was plenty of grass in that place and the men sat down, about five thousand of them. John 6: 5-10
A prayer: Thank you Lord for the daily miracle by which our lives are sustained. Forbid that I rest easy having too much while there are those with nothing. Do another miracle Lord – and deal with our greed.
Now read Leviticus Chapter 23 and underline v.22.

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