January 12th – Burning issue !

One of the most horrific sins blazingly discussed by the prophets of Israel was that of some Kings of Israel of offering their children to the god Moloch.
Moloch was a god of fire and more than one head of state became so desperate for deliverance of one sort or another that they caused their children to be offered as sacrifices to stem the wrath of Moloch and make the threats of danger go away. The prophets utterly condemned this horror, not only because of its unspeakable cruelty, but also because of its idolatry, believing that such appalling beings existed as gods in the lord God’s good earth, and that these demons could be appeased by a supreme sacrifice of a child. The shrine of this God Moloch was in the Valley of Himmon on the south side of ancient Jerusalem, and in that valley the city tipped its garbage. It was called “Gehennah”, and that is the very Greek word used in the New Testament for HELL. It was a loathsome rubbish heap where men, ceremonially unclean, kept the fires incinerating the garbage day and night and near the top, the smouldering pile was full of maggots and worms. Not a very pleasant thought for the day, but even more unpleasant is the modern sin of sacrificing our children to the idols we serve and worship. ‘But’, you say ‘we don’t cast our children in the fiery arms of Moloch’. No, but I’ve known of so many children who have been sacrificed on the altars of their parents’ greed, ambition and selfishness, whether it be father’s worship of mammon, the god of money, or mother’s obeisance to the god of success, and their combined idolatry of the goddess of pleasure. In turn the fearful effects go on from one generation to another. As their children are sacrificed to their idols.
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14
How do you teach values to your children?-by living them
How do you teach love to your children?-by loving them
How do you teach relationships to your children? -by cherishing all committed relationships and by ensuring their security
A Prayer: Lord forbid that I hinder any child from coming to you.
Now read Matthew 18: 1-14

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