August 19th – Being Willing

A famous and well loved Baptist preacher of the late Victorian era was F. B. Meyer.To the world he was a successful and popular preacher, pulling large crowds to hear him preach the gospel at Keswick and in many churches. Yet he always felt in his heart that there was something missing, something which he saw in some other Christians which he had not. At one period there was a group of students on a special mission in town, and he had one of the students staying in his house. That student seemed to F. B. Meyer to be one of those who had that something he didn’t have. It was something to do with a fullness of the Holy Spirit for which he was hungry. Yet he was afraid of the neo-pentecostal excesses which seemed to accompany it. One day he went up into the attic where the student was billeted, and interrupted him studying his bible and praying. He said to the student “All right, what is your secret? What is the quality I see in you which is missing in me?” That startled student was called C. T. Studd. He was already a cricketer who was good enough to play for England, but he played a more important role as a world missionary, especially in China, and remains an inspiration to the world’s rising generation of Christians.
His answer to F. B. Meyer was simple.He was puzzled at being asked such a basic question by such a fine Christian and great preacher.He said “Well Sir, when I gave my life to Christ, I gave it all.Every part of me became his.” Meyer was grateful, but rebuked, because there was something in his own heart which he knew he had not surrendered to God. Whatever it was, he finally prayed “Lord I am not willing to give it up ….. but I am willing to be willing.” – and he said “The Lord took it!”
All the Israelite men and women who were willing brought to the Lord freewill offerings for all the work the Lord through Moses had commanded them to do. Exodus 35:29
A Prayer:
Lord, I may not be willing to let go of the one forbidden thing I cling to as mine, but I am willing to be willing for you to take it.
Now read Exodus 35: 4-29.

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The Kingdom of God is not for the well meaning, but for the desperate. (James Denney)

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