June 28th – You’re an Ambassador!

We have been thinking about the word ‘reconciliation’ these last two days, and among the many wonderful pictures of this wondrous message and ministry of Christ is one superb picture from the Apostle Paul. He says, since God has reconciled us to himself through Christ’s monumental work on the cross (notice it is we who must change, not he) then it is we who have been changed into a new kind of human currency. We have become ambassadors.
Imagine that! Ambassadors!
An Ambassador represents his ruler and government in and to an alien culture.
An Ambassador does not act in his own name, but in his ruler’s name. He watches what he says and what he does for everything will be taken as an expression of his master.
An Ambassador lives in an embassy. He may be in a foreign land, and all around him people speak a foreign language, but in his embassy home, it’s a bit of his native land. In a British embassy, British laws apply.The language is English, and English customs and festivals are celebrated. In the U.S. embassy in London, on the 4th Thursday each November, they celebrate a great American festival of “Thanksgiving”. Inside it’s lights and music and party time, while all around in London there’s no party, no turkey, no rejoicing, no fun: November!
Occasionally an ambassador must confront a foreign government with stern words: “My government will not stand by while you oppress people in your charge”, or “My Government has authorised me to give you £10 million towards your disaster relief fund”.
An Ambassador must be in constant communication with his ruler, he is allowed diplomatic bags to ensure he is uncensored and free of prying inquisitors. He is trusted not to abuse his privilege, even to having diplomatic number plates on his cars.
Ambassadors have prevented wars – overcame numberless crises and continued through thick and thin to represent the ones to whom they have sworn total allegiance.
You are an ambassador of Christ. Look: (II Corinthians 5:20)
We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.

A Prayer:
By the message and the ministry of reconciliation this day, God’s wondrous name be praised.

Now read II Kings 6: 8-23.

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