February 12th – Know Who You Are

Yesterday we were reminded by Simon, whom Jesus called Rocky, that all Christians are built on Christ, the Great Rock, and form a temple made of praising people. He ends that marvellous Rock (or Stone) Sermon by reminding Christians of who they are, and to whom they belong. He begins by saying: “You are a chosen people ……”
Now this was the glory of Israel. They were God’s chosen people. They did not chose Him: He chose them, and delivered them from slavery to make of them a Kingdom – a Missionary Nation. Now, says Peter, that destiny is passed on to you. You who belong to Jesus are God’s newly chosen people. We did not elect to join – we were elected – chosen. All we did was meekly, gladly agree to be adopted into a royal family – or (going along with Peter’s sermon) become living stones built together into a vast dwelling in which God lives. The Church of Jesus is God’s newly chosen missionary people. The old ‘Covenant People’ are still loved by God, but they refused to welcome and enthrone His true Messiah. Now that Jesus is your King, ‘Know who you are’, he says, and he quotes the original calling into covenant of God’s rescued people Israel, as they became a nation at Sinai.
Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. Exodus 19: 5
Now it is those who are in Christ who are His treasured possession. The picture is of someone who has everything, who wants for nothing. You cannot buy Him any present that He needs, but He may treasure a photograph, say, or a lock of hair, or a ring and keep it next to His heart. You are that treasured possession.
Although the whole earth is mine, you will be for me a kingdom of priests,
and a holy nation. Exodus 19: 5 continued
The church is now called to be God’s missionary people, by nature Holy; by vocation Priests.The new Covenant People go in to God on behalf of the world’s people, and go out to the world on behalf of God.
A Prayer: Lord, you who can make silk purses even out of sow’s ears, rebuke me when I proudly think I am a somebody – or pitifully think I am a nobody – when I am part of your body.
Now read Exodus 19: 1-8

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