December 26th – The Climax

Three little words – even more dramatic than any volume of books. Just three words which split all history into two. Three words which completed all the centuries of prophecy, of revelation, of human striving and failure.
For centuries:
The Covenant relationship had stood. From Abram (and even earlier from Noah) that relationship was conferred, but broken by men and women who did not deserve such a gift
The Ark which was meant to represent the presence of a Holy God became a talisman, an idol – God in a box. The power source of Israel became a magic image
The Temple, the place chosen for worship and prayer, the House of the imageless God, where he had placed his name: the City of Jerusalem itself, which was to be the Holy City, the place where redeemed life was lived, which had become a ‘den of thieves’:
The glory of Israel was the Law, the Torah – the very revelation of God’s mind and will in writing – and the words of prophets of justice and goodness and true living. It contained also the liturgy of worship, the wisdom of the ages, the very letters of grace – which had become the tradition, the idol, to be supported, advocated and revered, but not obeyed:
The ministry of prophet and priest to assist the double function of the Messiah King to establish Israel and through Israel, the whole world – lay as still-born at each fresh coronation:
The Hebrew race, the nation called to be heaven’s shock troops for the Kingdom of God on earth – the missionary race, the heralds of God’s Kingdom here, who believed they were chosen because of their qualification of goodness and fitness to be chosen, and not by God’s forgiving grace (who can ever make silk purses out of pigs’ ears?):
The dreams of the centuries of visionaries, the dedication of humble saints of old, the insight and vision of the prophets ……..all hanging fire, all heaped up, waiting for the coming of the Breath to make them alive. Such vast potential, such a conglomerate purpose of promise, prophecy, and power, waiting to be ignited – waiting in stalemate for the catalyst to transform them from dream into reality – from “If only” to “Let’s go”.
Then those three little words which are in Matthew Chapter 3 v. 12 – “THEN JESUS CAME” … then Jesus came … ! That’s the fulfilment.
Listen to the first recorded words of the earliest Gospels: St. Mark, Chapter 1, v.14-15: After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!”.
A Prayer:
Lord, this day I repent even of my repentances, and I believe that in Christ the realm of God is here, and that now nothing is impossible to you – nothing!

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Thought 4 The Day

One single fact opposing all wit and argument is that no one ever repented of being a christian on his death bed. (Hannah More)

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