December 21st – The Bird That Talked!

This is about a farmer who swore that a bird spoke to him! Now before you begin to imagine some monstrous parrot conversing with him about global warming, or the price of fish, I’d better explain. It was the week before Christmas. The farm was as tidy as he could make it and each night he walked out making sure that everything was in place. His wife belonged to the local church and sang in the choir. She had joined them in carol singing round the village that night, and he had wished her a pleasant evening as she left. He was a canny farmer – but he hadn’t really made up his mind about church. It had some good points, but he never could commit himself to a God he couldn’t see or hear or understand. As he said, “the jury’s still out on that one – I need more evidence”.
That night, as he passed by a locked barn, he was startled by a skittering noise inside. Going in he soon discovered that an injured bird was trapped inside and trying in vain to escape. It had a broken wing.Now this farmer loved birds and was known as an amateur authority on the subject, so he had to try and help. He lit lamps and set about the task thoroughly and gently, of catching the bird in order to set its wing and nurse it back to health. But the creature was terrified. It fled from him, scurrying into minute spaces, even damaging itself further in its panic to escape him. The farmer was very patient and gentle as he moved bales and objects to reach it. All the time he was talking to it reassuringly, “There there, I’m not going to hurt you – I want to make you better”. It scuttled further away under a crate. “Oh, if only I could talk to you in your own language and make you understand”. He was sweating and breathing heavily: “If I could I’d become a bird like you, then perhaps you’d hear and you’d let me help you”. But it was no use. By the time he got hold of the little creature it was too late and too badly injured. It lay dead in his hands. He went back into the farmhouse, just as his wife with some members of the choir came in for mince pies and drink. “What’s the matter dear?” she asked. “Nothing” he said testily, but he was too quiet and preoccupied with his thoughts. He mused: “If only I could have got alongside it, then it would have known I meant it no harm, only love and care. If only I could have communicated in bird language.” Just then the choir group started up with one last carol and the words, which he had often heard but never considered, exploded in the farmer’s mind:
Veiled in flesh, the Godhead see, Hail the incarnate Deity, Pleased as man with man to dwell, Jesus, our Emanuel.”
Suddenly he saw the mystery behind the event, and said out loud “So that’s what God was doing at Christmas.

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Eternal life does not begin when you die, but when you put your trust in Jesus Christ.

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