A Poem of Certainty

It’s a bit different today because usually we think about passages of Scripture and things we know, but sometimes we get to a point where we can’t really describe and put into words the things we feel most deeply, so here is a very short poem for you today, which may be of help to you.
It’s a kind of faith that speaks out of a conviction; an intuition; it says:
I know that right is right, that givers shall increase,
that duty lights the way, for the beautiful feet of peace.
That courage is better than fear, and faith is truer than doubt,
And fierce though the fiends may fight,
and long though the angels hide.
I know that truth and right have the universe on their side.
That somewhere beyond the stars is a love
that is stronger than hate.
When the night unlocks her bars,
I shall see Him and I will wait.
And when we’ve finished with all our arguing and with all our discussions and when all the creeds have been said and done, that is the kind of conviction that lies at the heart of the Christian faith.
We know whom we have believed, and we are persuaded that He is able to keep us from falling.
Let that hold you today.

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Thought 4 The Day

If you are not big enough to stand criticism, you are too small to be praised. (Anon)

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