The title for Paul’s letter to the Ephesians should be:
“The World at One”.
He sees the misery of our divided planet, the whole world at odds and divided against it¬self, alienated, disintegrating; he sees erected walls and frontiers, and the creation of every new alliance causing even greater division than before.
Looking at this vast problem, Paul sees the mystery of the Divine purpose. It is now an open secret. God has declared His hidden purpose which had not been disclosed to men until then.
This is, in Christ to unify, to gather to¬gether, to mend, to reconcile, to unite the world of men. To sum up the human race under one head, it is, in short – to make the World at One.
The first half of the letter, that is, the first three chapters, is all about the INVISIBLE MENDER cleaning up the parts and welding them together. His name is Christ.
The second half of the letter, the last three chapters, is about the VISIBLE MENDER – the agent engaged in this work. If you want to know the name of the agent, it is, The Church, but not the Church as the world sees it. Not even the Church as it sees itself?
Michael Griffith says, that a high proportion of people who go to Church have forgotten what it’s all for.
Ephesians is the greatest statement and the greatest vision of what God intends not only for the Church, but for the whole world. Paul sees the Church not as some religious institution, but as that community of unity which is learning to love like people who get married, (He calls it – The Bride of Christ); learning the rule of adequate resources, like a well-drilled and equipped army; learning how to keep its power lines in constant repair, as God’s Colony on Earth.

On any packet of glue they tell you to take the broken pieces and first clean them thoroughly and then use the glue to stick them together. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is all about taking broken bits of this world’s people, cleaning them up, sticking them together and then saying …..Now look at the overall shape God intends each of us and our society to be.

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