Why does anyone come?

Why does anyone come to church?
Some people come to make friends or to be entertained or to hear some special music or because they have always come, and they don’t like breaking their habits.

None of these is good enough reason. There’s only one answer and Jesus supplied it. He said, Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them’. It’s He that people come to meet: He’s the magnet.

Well, can’t they meet Him anywhere? Why does it have to be at church? Because the Bible says that church is not a place but people who meet in the name of Jesus. Although we can’t understand the problem of His presence, we know, with absolute certainty, that His promise is real. In real worship, He is there in the midst. All truly Christian worship is centred in Christ. it is centred in the acts which God has done in Christ, which God is still doing and which God is yet to do.

So don’t barge into Christian worship in the attitude of, ‘Come on then, entertain me, make me welcome, do your stuff and if you play your cards right I might come again.’ Come to meet Christ personally, with others who have taken His name as their own. Then it begins to become a thrill and a joy.
That’s what worship is really about.

Now read: Matthew 18: 18-20

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