The forbidden Word

Today I am bringing you the forbidden word, the one word in particular which modern people find offensive – no, it’s not sex or violence, you will find those subjects quite acceptable in discussions in fact they are the staple diet of most people. The word we find offensive is the word ’sin’. It sounds so Victorian and churchy.

The scientist might say there’s no such thing as sin, it’s just our biological growing pains. The Marxist will say, no, it’s not personal, there’s only social evil. The Freudian would look for childhood sexual repression. And so you have the situation now where in court rooms, in marriages and schools you will hear of frustrations, antisocial behaviour, moral lapses or adventures, but never the old fashioned word ’sin’. Not even when 1 know it’s my fault and no one else’s; not even when I’m sick of my own pride, greed and sloth, and my gossipy tongue. Even when I am sick of blaming everyone except myself I must never use the word sin, because then I might have to ask what can be done about it. When I do, I couldn’t get far without coming across the one name in all of the universe that claims to deliver men and women from sin and guilt. That name is Jesus. When He was born they said, ‘call His name Jesus because it means Saviour, and He saves people from their sins’.

Mind you, if you recognise any of this, the thing to do is say to Him, ‘God be merciful to me, a sinner’ and the difference it makes will surprise you.

Now read: Psalm 51: 1-4 and Psalm 51: 7-13.

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Thought 4 The Day

The instant you are conscious of being truly humble, it all turns into pride.

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