Standard objections to the Christian faith – other religions

Whenever folk argue about the Christian faith you’re sure to hear someone say, ‘Well, what about other religions?’

That remark usually carries with it the assumption that because there are different religions and different ideas of God, then it must be a complete mistake to trust any one single faith too much. They can’t all be right. In any case, when each religion claims to be the only one right, the undecided people are bound to say, ‘Well they’re probably all equally wrong, I’m not going to get involved in any one of them’.

Now there isn’t time in a couple of minutes to go into this subject of other religions properly at all, but one thing we can say for sure; Only the Christian faith has got Jesus Christ right at the centre of everything. We’re simply stating a fact. We’re not condemning any other kinds of belief we are simply saying that in the Christian faith God is like Christ.

Jesus is what God is really on about. This is what a human being, a human life, is meant to be. And the New Testament says that God isn’t simply like this, but in Christ He provides the power by which it can be done.

Now that is different whatever you say, by any standards, don’t be put off by the fact that there are different ideas and different faiths. There’s only one God and there’s only-one Jesus, and we believe that He’s on record as saying that no man can come to the Father except by Him,
Now read it in John Ch. 14.

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The Old Testament scriptures are intelligible only when understood as predicting and prefiguring Christ. (C. Hodge)

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