Prayer is a five letter Word

Years ago I invented a word. It’s rather a collection of letters which I made into the word STOAL. Each of the five letters stands for a prayer. If you take one minute on each of these letters you will have truly prayed for five minutes.

S – stands for sorry prayers. In one minute tell God the things about which you are sorry. Be willing to give them up, let Him forgive them and give You strength not to fall into them again.

T – stands for thank-you prayers. If anyone can’t fill up one minute thanking God for his senses or for people who love him, and the good things he enjoys, then he really is in a mess.

0 – stands for others. Pray for other people by name, for say five of them. Think of them before God and tell Him exactly what You would like him to do for them.

A – stands for asking prayers. Ask God for something you need or something your family really needs. Remember that asking honestly is not selfish: it’s what a loving heavenly father is prepared to do for His children who come honestly seeking.

L – stands for listening prayers. Be still, listen to the voice of God in your soul, know that He is God. Let your racing thoughts be still.

STOAL. Prayer is a five-letter word. Pray like that today and you’ve really prayed.

NOW read: Luke 18: 1-8.

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Do not with hold discipline from a child. Your punishment will not kill him, but without it he may kill himself.

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