Our flashpoints

When the great Doctor Johnson lost his temper on one occasion, a young curate remonstrated against him, telling him he should control his temper.

“Sir”, as the great Doctor is reported to begin almost every single thing he ever said, “Sir, I control more temper in half an hour than you may have to deal with throughout your entire life.”

Now there may be a lot of truth in that. The point is we are all different and nobody knows what goes on in somebody else’s mind.

The stresses and strains, the struggles that each person has to contend with. There are times when the pressure gets so great that exploding point is near for everybody, but some have a lower threshold than others.

Now the point is, it’s no good going on at our husband, our wife, our kids, parents, neighbours or friends or work mates, if we haven’t asked Christ to deal with our own particular flashpoints. What is it that makes us blow up and suddenly explode in such a way that transforms any normal environment into a bit of hell on earth?

If you want to read what Jesus said about this, read Matthew chapter 7 verses 1-5, then close this page and act on it.

It’s important to know the flashpoints in your own life and how to deal with them.

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Thought 4 The Day

The worst thing that could happen to you is that God allows you to have all your own way.

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