Wanted! Stickers, Lasters and Finishers

May I wish you a special kind of Year!

Well, it’s not so much the year that I want to be special but a special quality in you, which can put everything in a different light.

It’s something which goes under many different names but it amounts to the same thing in the end. I heard about it in a novel way in something that one of my colleagues said some time back.  He used to live in a small town where they make boots and shoes, and on a factory wall sometimes jobs would be advertised. One such job was: “Wanted – Stickers, Lasters and Finishers”.

That’s the quality – stickers, lasters and finishers – the power to see it through.

How to finish what we set out to do, to complete the job and not drop out and give up, is a real quality.

Today many folk will make resolutions which will not last the week out because it’s not enough to intend a thing. It takes real power to keep it. That’s why Jesus said ‘It is he who endures to the end who shall be saved’.

The prayer for today, and for the year, is a prayer for courageous perseverance and stickability  It was Sir Francis Drake who said: “Lord, when we are called to some great task by Thee, grant us to know that it is not in the beginning of it, but in the finishing of the same, that the victory cometh”.

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To be irritated by criticism is to acknowledge that it was deserved. (Tacitus)

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