The original Jesus

When I was a student in Manchester a small student grant came in one day, providing some money to buy extra books. One of those I bought was, to me then, a revelation, a huge window into the New Testament picture of Jesus. It inspired me. Lit me up! It was written at a time when Bible scholars were trying to reconstruct a scientific picture of Jesus, and I needed it then. A young man borrowed it from me over 30 years ago, and never returned it.

I referred to this book, and its absence, on two occasions. One was to our people at Amesbury, among whom were two Americans who came with us to Israel., Dave and Dianne. On Dianne’s last day in London she saw a second hand copy in a London shop and sent it to me. I told Graham (who was the Assistant Minister at Amesbury for four years with me) and he promptly borrowed it and took it back to where he is now installed as the ordained minister. So the book was gone again.

Two days later a parcel arrived from a family who had heard me refer to the book when I was preaching in Andover. They had also found a second hand copy and purchased it for me, and sent it along with a lovely letter. So after 30 odd years I have ‘The Original Jesus’ back, and Graham also has a copy.

I know as I re-read it, it will not have the same impact on me as it did at first, but I’m grateful for it, and I also see it as God telling me something – twice over.
‘Re-focus on Jesus, Frank. See Him. Study Him. Follow Him. Serve Him. For whoever has seen Him, has seen Me, the Father’.

Jesus said:
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me.If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

A Prayer:

Father, I thank you for Jesus. Although totally admirable, I do not admire Him. I adore Him.

Now read Philippians 2: 1-11 and marvel!

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Christianity is not about how to escape from the difficulties of life, but about how to face them. (Brian Edwards)

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