Deliberate mistake, at a funeral.

I once made a deliberate mistake when conducting a funeral service. I was reading from Psalm 103 and where it says, “For He knows our frame and He remembers that we are dust”.  Instead of using the word ‘dust’ I changed it, because of the company present, to; “He remembers that we are human”.
I don’t know if anyone noticed. After all, dust from which we are formed and to which we return, is the Bible’s way of saying the elements out of which our bodies are composed.  It’s not the chemicals in our bodies that make us what we are, but something else. It’s what one writer calls the ghost in the machine; the spirit in the matter,  the ‘so’ in the body.In saying that God remembers and knows that we are human it means He knows how tired we get, how weak and aging we are, how easily flawed and depressed, and how quickly we are injured and killed.  He remembers that we are dust.  He knows what we are made of.  Not only does He know that because He made us, but because He has been one of us. Christ is the eternal word in human form, He knows what our limits are because He has been up against them Himself,  and had personal experience of them.  He knows what it is to make excuses.  He knows because He speaks to us about being perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect. Mature, fully developed, spiritually proven, a real human being.
What?  Now is it possible?  Well it’s something that the Holy Spirit does within a man or woman and no one else and nothing else can do.
You find in the end that to be truly human is to be partly divine

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    Whenever our self-importance demands ‘Dont you know who I am?’ It is God who says ‘Why? Have you forgotten?’

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