An Attitude of Gratitude

‘Two men looked out through prison bars, One saw mud, the other stars.’

It’s a matter of attitude that makes all the difference. If you give a dyed-in-the-wool complainer £10,000 tomorrow, he would probably thank you, but find good reasons why it would have been a bit better if you’d given it him today. An attitude of complaint and criticism falls like icy frost on everyone within a radius of five miles. An attitude of gratitude, on the other hand, falls like sunshine upon what had been a cold and dark landscape.

An attitude of gratitude is what the Bible means by a praising heart’. But how can you? How can you actually praise God in the way that it says in Philippians 4: 6 – ‘In everything with thanksgiving’? How can you have an attitude of gratitude when the outlook is black, and your health is bad and no-one cares, and the dog’s been sick, and there are money worries, and, anyway, it’s raining?

I don’t have a magic formula, except to say that millions have found it is possible, and whether you see mud or stars makes all the difference in the world.

Listen, ‘In nothing be anxious, but in everything by prayer, with thanksgiving’.

Try it today, and see that it really does work.

Now read; Acts 5: 28-34 and Acts 5: 40-42

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