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April 2nd – Welcome Your Rightful King

In the days when Israel had a king ruling from Jerusalem, there was an annual ceremony which was full of pomp, pageant and splendour. Each year a great procession would form on the road down from the Mount of Olives, winding up, through the Vale of Gethsemany, up the Great Hill to where the Golden Gate lead into the City of David, Jerusalem, and the Temple Courts.The procession, led by marching bands and military royal guards, consisted of envoys from other nations, bringing gifts; dancing girls with tambourines; singers, and in the place of honour, riding on a war horse, the King of Israel: the anointed of the Lord.His annual enthronement signified one great doctrine:namely that the Lord God was King of Israel His anointed king was merely the representative of God’s rule.He was not the ruler in his own right and glory, but God’s-not to do his own will, but God’s.He was God’s Messiah, or anointed King.

The orchestral music and mighty choral music in the procession was matched by the music and singing from the crowded walls and within the temple courts just beyond the walls.
The procession sang: “Who may ascend into the Hill of the Lord?”.
Those within sang: “Who may stand in his Holy Place?”.
The whole chorus thundered: “He who has clean hands and a pure heart”,
And so the great procession continued. “This is the generation of them that seek Him, so open up the gates”.
“Lift up your heads O you gates”, Roared the procession.
“Who would enter?”, thundered those inside.
“The King of Glory”, they sang.
“Who is the King of Glory?” shouted the City
Then, all together:
“The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord glorious in battle. Who is He? He is the King of Glory”
Admit Him to his City and his throne over his people.

That was the cultural memory which Jesus revived when he entered the City on what Christians call Palm Sunday.The crowds responded thunderously.
The crowds that went ahead of him, and those that followed shouted: “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.Hosanna in the highest”.
When Jesus entered Jerusalem the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?” Matthew 21: 9-10

A Prayer:
You alone Lord Jesus are the rightful King of all, even you alone are my ruler and Lord.

Now read Psalm 24 and join in the acclamation of our King.

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